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aRoundTable Outcomes

aRoundTable 2021:
Portugal Circular Project

Inter-generational connections between nursing home residents and students in schools


  • School program to transfer ancestral knowledge and skills of local production to the new generation

  • Partnership with local companies and experts to support the program and facilitate the creation of local products and designs using local materials


  • Support mental health and wellbeing of elderly population and give them a meaningful way to engage with their community and the younger generation

  • Train the younger generation on long-lost local techniques and skills, promoting collaborative work

  • Close the loop by creating local products from local materials

Resources Needed:

  • Materials:

    • Materials from local sources to produce products

    • Machinery and equipment from fablabs, designers, and companies to produce products, packaging, etc.

  • Human Resources​

  • Communications:

    • Stakeholder Communication Templates

    • Presentations and scripts to facilitate actions in Day Centers and schools

    • Method for selecting and evaluating participants

    • Methodology to go from idea to implementation

    • Impact Reports Template with Quantification of Expected Results and Objectives (SMART)

    • Set of strategies to promote engagement among participants

  • Funding:

    • Checklist with all necessary resources (human and material) and estimated costs

    • Methodology for obtaining funds

  • Partners:

    • List of Potential Partners by Activity - Councils, Partners, Schools and Sponsors

    • Engage with facilitators

    • Support from nursing home, teachers, schools, nursing homes, local companies, social organizations

Prototyping Plan:

  1. Identify with elderly population the ancestral methods and skills aligned with the circular economy

  2. Identify an activity or product to be developed in cooperation with experts and local companies

  3. Select one local school as a test case to participate in the program and engage with teachers and school administration

  4. Invite local companies and local community experts (designers, etc.) to collaborate with the initiative

  5. Collect materials from local sources, waste streams that can be used for the creation of products

  6. Facilitate the program to allow elderly population to use materials and teach students how to create local products

Scalability Plan:

  • Develop a local pilot to test the idea and validate it with key stakeholders

  • Create a report with impacts and learnings from the pilot

  • Establish a standard methodology to follow

  • Create an implementation kit/toolbox to enable other organisations to implement the idea

Implementation Plan:

  • July 2021: Concept presentation

  • September 2021: Partner engagement

  • September 2021: Project implementation plan and model

  • October 2021: Contact with councils and municipalities

  • November/December 2021: Fundraising

  • January 2022: First pilot

To support or contribute to this aRoundTable 2021 circular project: 

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