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A repository links and resources related to the circular economy to help aRoundTable teams explore circular economy thinking

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Circle Economy Knowledge Hub EMF Case Study Library A Circular Economy Business Model Case PHILIPS SMARTPATH REVERTIA Seedrs The Case of Naval Demolitions Google, Unilever, Simon MacArthur Foundation Execs on Sustainability, Circular Business Models Smart City Expo: Making sustainability sexy and measurable 10 Companies Closing the Loop of the Circular Economy 5 Creative Companies Walking the Walk of a Circular Economy 7 companies advancing the circular economy by selling products as a service These Companies Will Lead the Circular Economy Reusable Packaging Startup Loop Helps Big Brands Revisit the Milkman Model 24 finalists advance in National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures' Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge 3 big companies leading the way in the circular economy These 11 companies are leading the way to a circular economy (World Economic Forum)