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aRoundTable Outcomes

aRoundTable 2021:
Florence Circular Project

Partnership platform for circular collaboration in the leather industry


  • A platform to create connections between stakeholders and help them to activate circular economy solutions

  • Provides a showcase of circular solutions, projects and needs to inspire stakeholders to start their own projects and initiatives

  • Engages tanneries and small businesses


  • Help the whole industry to implement the circular economy, finding solutions and partners

  • Share knowledge and learn about good practices to inspire circular solutions

  • Enable industrial symbiosis and collaborations that can reduce waste, reduce resource needs, etc.

Resources Needed:

  • Support from tanneries and companies in the leather industry and small businesses

  • Sponsors to fund the partnership platform and finance its development

  • Developers to create the partnership platform to enable networking and collaboration

Prototyping Plan:

  1. Engage tanneries and companies to gain insights the challenges and needs facing the industry

  2. Find examples of circular solutions and collaborations that have addressed those challenges and needs

  3. Create a landing page to describe the partnership platform and see how many tanneries and companies register

  4. Engage in crowdfunding and connect with sponsors to raise money for the partnership platform

  5. Develop platform to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and upload examples of circular solutions and collaborations to inspire them

  6. Work with tanneries and companies to ensure successful collaborations and upload success stories on the platform to inspire future collaborations

To support or contribute to this aRoundTable 2021 circular project: 

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