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aRoundTable Outcomes

aRoundTable 2021:
Africa Circular Project

Community center with equipment to upcycle waste into products


  • Establish a community center with plastic machines that can upcycle plastic waste into products, consisting of:

    • Extrusion workspace to make beams, bricks, etc.

    • Sheet workspace for making big sheets

    • Injection workspace to make precise products

    • Machine shop to produce & sell parts, machines & molds

  • The community center would also include vermiculture composting to convert organic waste into manure


  • A way to make use of waste single use plastics and eliminate plastic waste, and reduce organic waste through proper treatment

  • Creation of jobs in the community, as citizens can create products using waste

  • Close the loop by creating local products from local materials

Resources Needed:

  • Support from citizens, schools, farmers, community-based organizations, machine fabricators, municipalities to create the community center space

  • Creation of plastic upcycling machinery, potentially DIY machines build using blueprints from Precious Plastic or similar initiatives

  • Red worms and equipment for creating the worm farm for the vermiculture composting area

Prototyping Plan:

  1. Secure the space to create the community center with enough room for waste collection and treatment

  2. Create or acquire materials to create the plastic upcycling machinery and vermiculture composting area

  3. Set-up and develop the community space with the equipment and machinery to transform waste into products

  4. Involve citizens and schools to collect and bring their plastic and organic waste streams to the community center

  5. Run workshops and programs to educate citizens and students to use the equipment to create products from waste

  6. Engage with local businesses, farmers, and companies to market and sell the products produced from the community center

To support or contribute to this aRoundTable 2021 circular project: 

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