Many communities affected by Covid-19 have seen a rise in unemployment as well as a complete shift in the way they work.

For many the Pandemic has allowed us to pause and question how we live every day, what real value and meaning does our current linear economy provide for us?

What is aRound Table?

aRound Table is a global Circular Economy Collaboration Initiative developed to help Cities design projects to fast track Circular Economy transition and Build Back Better.

The Circular Economy is a necessary and crucial part of recovery efforts to provide a more resilient economic system that can offer new opportunities for employment and jobs post-pandemic.

aRoundTable proved the value of the 'global share' feature in a trial event held by 10 cities in July 2020, local ideas and innovation are shared at the end of each session between cities and built upon, thus fast-tracking the ability of the global community to activate innovation.

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March 2021

In February 2021 event organisers will invite their members and the local community to explore the question:


"How might we use Circular Economies principles and practice to help rebuild economies and create jobs in the wake of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic?"


Local organisers around the world will invite a range of different stakeholders - local governments, companies, citizens, NGOs - in an online session to map problems facing their communities, existing solutions, and key gaps and areas to address.


At the end of the Understand session local aRoundTable teams will be encouraged to share their outcomes on the Global Share Miro board.

Organizers and interested participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their outcomes during a virtual Global Share session. After this session individuals and teams can continue to contribute to other global research and keep in touch on the aRoundTable slack channel.



We ran aRoundTable Session 1, Understand, with 8 City teams participating from Italy, Portugal, Brazil, India, Australia, Japan and Austria in July 2020. Teams came together during a Global Share event and discussed their local outcomes. See the major themes and topics that emerged in the embedded Miro board below:


In this second event, participants and organizers from the first event will reconvene along with relevant stakeholders and decision-makers.

Participants will build on themes from the previous session to prioritise most important aspects of the problem to tackle, explore how gaps in existing solutions can be addressed, and identify the key stakeholders to involve.


The teams will record and share globally their findings on the Global Share Miro board and discuss their outcomes during a virtual Global Share session.

At this point, multiple local communities can come together under a single themes, enabling a global collaboration to tackle local issues.


During this third event, teams formed around ideas defined in the previous session will meet to co-develop and co-design a prototype or pilot project for their local communities.


aRoundTable will provide follow-up workshops and resources to help local organisers and teams further engage with local partners and decision-makers.


The teams will share their co-designed solutions and prototypes on the Global Share Miro board and give feedback during a virtual Global Share session with all the local teams.

Teams will continue to collaborate locally and globally to build and test their ideas.


In this fourth event, project teams will connect with key-decision makers, policymakers, and stakeholders to get feedback and develop a plan for the scaling and implementation of their ideas.

aRoundTable will continue to work with teams and important stakeholders and decision-makers to discuss resources and avenues to ACTIVATE these prototypes or pilots.

The implementation and scalability plans will be added to a Miro Board to be shared at the end of the session and identify joint opportunities for resources and support during the virtual Global Share session.
aRoundTable will continue to support the local aRoundTable teams and engage the global aRoundTable community to continuously support and monitor the progress of their projects 



Participating cities



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